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New Research on Brain Tumors, Pituitary Tumors, MS, ALS and Arnold Chiari Malformation and Chiropractic

Cutting edge research is showing that chiropractic adjusting of the upper cervical spine resolved severe neurological diseases and conditions thought to be incurable.

New research using functional MRI (motion MRI) shows that disruption of cerebrospinal fluid flow can appear as or manifest on static MRI as brain tumors, pituitary tumors, multiple sclerosis (ms), arnold chiari malformation and ALS.  Pre and post functional and static MRI show the presence of these conditions and complete resolution.

Films were presented at Life University's Fall CE Conference in Oct 2015.

Alkaline Diet and Disease Prevention

Enhance your health by eating more vegetables, more fruit and less meat, dairy, and legume.  In addition you can change the fats you eat from butter and vegetable oils to more alkaline fats such as coconut oil and avocado or avocado oil.  These simple changes help to prevent everything from auto-immune diseases to cancer.  They can also lead to less overall inflammation and pain.

Physicals for Work and Sports!!
We also provide Pre-Participation Sports Physicals
Your sports organization can organize a fundraiser for your group, we can do a day of sports physicals and we will donate 1/2 the fees for the physicals back to your group
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