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Need A Health Fair at Work?

Sierra Spine will come and provide it to your workplace for free.  We can include cholesterol testing, body composition analysis, spinal screening, blood pressure checks, an introduction for functional medicine.  Functional Medicine is advanced diagnostics and blood analysis to get to the real cause of health problems or just bringing body balance to optimal to promote optimal health.  Functional Medicine strives to use food and natural cures to bring the body into balance whenever possible addressing the root causes, such as nutrient deficiencies, weakened immune systems or toxicity.  Functional medicine is scientific, elegant and has great results.  Let us help you make your workplace healthier. 

Walking Class and Club
Meets Friday at Great Basin Community Food Co-op 12:30, and every Friday at this time.  Join Us and Get in SHAPE for Summer! 

There will be a monthly or bi-monthly Sierra Hike as well TBA.

It's all part of the Get Healthy this Summer Campaign

Physicals for Work and Sports!!
We also provide Pre-Participation Sports Physicals
Your sports organization can organize a fundraiser for your group, we can do a day of sports physicals and we will donate 1/2 the fees for the physicals back to your group
Endocrine Disruption and/or Hormonal Imbalance
Have you heard of phthalates or BPA(bisphenyl-A), in the news in the past?  These are just some of the endocrine disrupters that we have in our environment and food.  Others are present in antibacterial products, processed food, pesticides and anything wrapped in plastic.  These endocrine disruptors can cause everything from breast, uterine, ovarian and prostate cancers to impotence and gynecomastia (man boobs), as well as male genital shrinkage, because many endocrine disruptors are estrogen like compounds (xenoestrogens). 
INFARED Sauna is one of the best and most complete ways to detoxify this stuff.

We now have a state of the art infared sauna.  You can Sauna once for $20 or buy a 10 pack for $140. 
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