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Happy New Year

Start 2016 off right, with a well aligned body, ready to hit the gym and work off holiday stress and pounds.

Optimal Health

Chiropractic is essential, to align the body, and remove nerve interference so you can function best neurologically.  If you want optimal health, it doesn't end there.  Attaining optimal health is not a one size fits all proposition.  Consider your body type, ancestry and personal needs.  Some types of foods, exercises and habits will serve your personal type better.  There are many ways to consider your individual type.  However if you are looking for a simple way to find yours and comprehensive recommendations to help you build your best self. Look to Ayerveda.  What is that?  Ayervedic Medicine is traditional Indian medicine.  There are three basic types and we are all a combination of the three, but looking at what type or two types are predominant can tell you what types of habits, diet and exercise will serve you best, and keep you healthy, happy and energetic.  The three basic types are:

  • Kapha
  • Pitta
  • Vata

Physicals for Sports!!
We also provide Pre-Participation Sports Physicals
Your sports organization can organize a fundraiser for your group, we can do a day of sports physicals and we will donate 1/2 the fees for the physicals back to your group
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