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Magic Muscles

Why are they MAGIC?

  • Stabilize the Spine and Pelvis
  • Give you great bladder control
  • Better Sex (in numerous ways for Men and Women)
  • Prevents uterine prolapse
  • Prevents bladder prolapse
  • Prevents incontinence in Men and Women

There are numerous devices to help you strengthen these muscles as well as the regular kegal exercise.  Most people don't know how to do a proper kegal.  The easiest way to figure out if you are in touch with your pc muscles is to try to stop and restart the flow of urine, if you can at least slow down the flow you are on the right track, just keep exercising them and pretty soon you will notice they are getting stronger.  If you have tried this and it's not working you may need a specialized electrode with a myostim machine to kick those muscles into gear and get them working again.

Optimal Performance Great Vitality

Our bodies are:      Unique

                               Self Regulating

                               Self Healing
                               Whole with integrated body systems

                               Healthy when we have optimal vitality, not just
                               the absence of disease

Functional medicine can uncover subtle or not so subtle imbalances that can steal our energy, vitality and eventually lead to disease.  Discover imbalances early so that you can live life to the fullest, and spend more time and money on fun, and not on treatment for illness.

Chiropractic is essential, to align the body, and remove nerve interference so you can function best neurologically.  If you want optimal health, it removes interference to full expression of your human form that is self regulating, self healing and optimally integrated.

School is back in! Get Ready for Fall and Winter Sports
Physicals for Sports!!
We also provide Pre-Participation Sports Physicals
Your sports organization can organize a fundraiser for your group, we can do a day of sports physicals and we will donate 1/2 the fees for the physicals back to your group
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