Sierra Spine Chiropractic - Comprehensive Chiropractic Care from Head to Toe

Optimal Performance Great Vitality

Our bodies are:      Unique

                               Self Regulating

                               Self Healing
                               Whole with integrated body systems

                               Healthy when we have optimal vitality, not just
                               the absence of disease

Functional medicine can uncover subtle or not so subtle imbalances that can steal our energy, vitality and eventually lead to disease.  Discover imbalances early so that you can live life to the fullest, and spend more time and money on fun, and not on treatment for illness.

Chiropractic is essential, to align the body, and remove nerve interference so you can function best neurologically.  If you want optimal health, it removes interference to full expression of your human form that is self regulating, self healing and optimally integrated.

Summer Growth Spurts

Kids go through big growth spurts in the spring and summer, it's a great time to get their bodies checked to make sure they grow straight and strong.  There is an old saying as the twig is bent so the tree inclines; the same is true for our bodies.  Scoliosis checks are always free!  Our checks are comprehensive and will provide a lot more information about biomechanics and joint function than just Scoliosis. 

Summer Season and Summer Sports
It's time to get ready for summer sports, with a well aligned body.  Cold weather can cause stiffness and achy joints.  Adjustments make joints move better and help joints feel more supple and young, so you can have fun with sports.  Get outside enjoy the season.  Prevent injuries and improve athletic performance by starting with a well aligned spine and body!

Physicals for Sports!!
We also provide Pre-Participation Sports Physicals
Your sports organization can organize a fundraiser for your group, we can do a day of sports physicals and we will donate 1/2 the fees for the physicals back to your group
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